DFI Restoration Powder

The Ultimate Product to Restore and Prepare Surfaces for Treatment.
When your shower enclosure, sink, toilet, window or windscreen was new, it was clean, clear and beautiful. Now, after years of use, it has ugly hard-water stains that no matter how much you scrub won’t come off. You use harsh chemicals that are noxious to breathe and damage the environment, but still those stains are impossible to remove.

The secret to restoring these stained surfaces and keeping them clean and stain-free is the preparatory step prior to applying a good protective coating. DFI Restoration Powder is crucial for ensuring a clean and contaminant-free surface for any of DFI’s protective coatings to perform at its best.

Diamon-Fusion® Restoration Powder can remove normal to moderate stains from soap scum or mineral deposits from hard water. It is so effective that it can strip surfaces of all and any previous coatings as well as stains, so that the surface is returned to its like-new condition and ready to be treated or coated more effectively. Once the cleaning process is complete, the surface is then ready to be treated with one of DFI award-winning protective coatings, resulting in a protected, brilliant surface for years to come.

It is important to note however, that DFI Restoration Powder cannot repair damage caused by hard water stains etching the surface. This kind of permanent damage can occur when deposits are allowed to stay on the glass too long. If this damage is present, your best course of action is to replace and be sure to protect the new surface with one of DFI’s protective coatings to prevent it from happening again.

The easy-to-use DFI Restoration Powder comes in a 2 oz and 5 oz. shaker bottle for convenience, making it simple to measure the amount to be used. Used alone or as a preparatory cleaning product, the Restoration Powder cleans and restores water-damaged surfaces to a level unlike any other similar product in the market. Despite its strength, the Restoration Powder is safe to use on hands.