Frequently Asked Questions

We use solid forged brass hinges with non-asbestos gaskets. The back plate with three Allen screws strongly secure glass panels. This type of hinges have been tested for 200,000 opening cycles (pic. 10).

We use 10mm (3/8’’) - 12mm (1/2’’) tempered glass that is 6 times stronger a regular glass. For safety reasons, when broken , it shatters into small fragments.

The gap is as small as 1/16’’ so it doesn’t require any sealing (pic. 9).

There are two basic installation techniques:

  • U-channel installation (pic. 7) U-channels are attached to the tile. Glass panels are inserted into the U-channel. Advantages:
    • Cost effective.
    • Strong construction.
  • Clamp installation Glass panels are attached to the wall with clamps (pic. 8) Advantages:
    • The frameless outward appearance.
    • The 1/16’’ gap between the panel and wall doesn’t require silicon joint.
    • Ease of cleaning.

We recommend a header application (pic. 6) if:

  • There is no way to hinge off the door of the wall. (The wall is not straight; no wood studs are behind the wall in the middle of curb, etc.)
  • You hinge off the door of the glass panel and the panel doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling.
  • The fixed panel has a width of more than 30” (inline shower enclosure).

A fiberglass shower base doesn’t have enough slope for eliminating water leakages on its own. We offer two possible solutions:

  • Threshold. See photo (pic. 2). Neo-angle shower enclosure is equipped with a threshold (pic. 3).
  • Vinyl wiper. (pic. 4). Shower door is equipped with a clear vinyl wiper (pic. 5).

The slope of the curb is very important for the elimination of water. No thresholds or vinyl wipers are required if the curb has a slope 1/4’’-1/2’’. The gap between the door and top of the curb can be built up 1/8’’, which prevents water leakage.

In order to secure the door properly you will need:

  • Two studs (2” x 4”). See pic.1 for reference.
  • A straight wall. It can be out of plumb, but must be straight. Hinges work on pivot points, and these points have to be aligned.